Character Trait of the Month

The character trait for the month of November was r
espect.   Keniya Brown was chosen for our Student of the Month.  Here are some things that her classmates said about her:

* She respects others and treats them how she wants to be treated.
* Does good things even when no one is looking.
* Always finds ways to solve problems.
* Helps people when they are down.
* Never argues with her friends.
* Thinks win-win not only at recess, but in class as well.
* Good friend.
* Respectful

Although Keniya is new to our school, she demonstrates the 7 Habits daily.  Keniya is proactive, puts first things first, and always thinks win-win.  Keniya completes her work before she has free time and is always kind to her friends at recess.  She helps out her classmates when they do not understand.  Keniya is a true asset to our classroom.