Student Leader of the Month

September Student of the Month

Student of the month

Zaniyah Heyward was nominated by her classmates as our Leader of the Month. Just from these short weeks, I can tell that Zaniyah exemplifies the word 'acceptance'. Zaniyah truly understands what it means to accept others without judgement. I have witnessed Zaniyah work with and stand near students who others in the classroom have shunned. Zaniyah also accepts the differences within herself. She has learned at a young age to focus on what is in her circle of control. She remains who she is even in the midst of chaos. Here is what her classmates have said about Zaniyah: "She is a role model and a great leader." "When I am having a bad day, she always has that smile and she doesn't judge people by the color of their skin. She is everybody's friend." "If Zaniyah gets mad, she still will respect others." "She just makes me happy." Zaniyah has clearly earned the respect of her classmates because she accepts them for who they are. In return, we all accept Zaniyah as she is.