Student Leader of the Month

February's Student of the Month
                   February Student of the Month
Mrs. Parker’s second grade class at Joseph S. Shanklin Elementary School nominates Zedekiah
Rawlerson as Student Leader of the Month for February’s character trait honesty and integrity. Zedekiah speaks and acts truthfully. He admits his actions, even if it gets him in trouble. Zedekiah explains how the situation really happened and accepts the consequences for his actions. He has told his classmates on several occasions that “honesty is the best policy”.
He also tells that if you tell the truth the first time, you won’t have to remember the lies that you already told. Zedekiah serves in many leadership roles in our class that require honesty. He believes in being fair and honest from the very beginning. Zedekiah displays what honesty looks like, feels like, and sounds like. Because of his honesty and integrity, he’s trusted by his peers so when they tell him that they did wrong, he can tell them the right thing to do because he is an example. He has a quote that he says all the time, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom”. Whenever someone says something to Zedekiah that is not so nice he shows how he is proactive and not reactive. He still remains kind, is still a good friend, and follows the rules.
As a result, our class chose Zedekiah as our Student Leader of the month for February.