Student Leader of the Month

January Student of the Month

January Student of the Month 

Our class nominates Khalon Greene as Student Leader of the Month for January’s character trait of perseverance. Khalon is an intelligent student and enjoys helping out with tasks in the classroom. When students need assistance, he is willing to help them and even when they don’t quite understand, he will try to figure out a way to get them to understand. Khalon enjoys both reading and math and has excelled in both subjects this year. He is able to do this because he puts forth the effort needed to succeed. For example, if Khalon is faced with a difficult task or problem in math, he will continue to work on it until he gets it. He will try several other ways to attack the problem until he figures it out. During reading if he is struggling with a concept, he will use other skills he has learned in class to help him understand. Consequently, at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, Khalon was not doing as well as he knew he could, so his mother and I had a talk with him to help him reflect on what he needed to do in order to improve his grades. Because Khalon choose to be proactive by following through on this reflection and then putting it into action, he was able to bring his grade up and make the A/B Honor Roll. In addition, Khalon has set and met many of his WIG goals because he uses perseverance and stamina in order to pay attention and stay focused in class.

According to his classmates, Khalon has shown perseverance in some of the following ways:

  • He tries his best in math when he gets to a problem he doesn’t know.
  • When he has a problem he always tries his best to accomplish it.
  • When we were outside and we were trying to learn something hard, he tried to do it and he did.


Because Khalon has worked to be proactive, begin with the end in mind, and put first things first, it has allowed him to persevere through the many tasks he encounters. As a result, our class thinks Khalon Greene should be chosen as Student Leader of the Month for January (perseverance).