Student Leader of the Month

October Student of the Month

We nominated Aiyana Jackson for the month of October. Aiyana has shown much courage this year! She was very shy when she first started Kindergarten. She would not answer questions in front of the class or during group time. It was even hard to hear her when she was talking one-on-one. Now, we see Aiyana walking to class by herself, standing up in front of all of her classmates and speaking in the microphone. When Aiyana is the table leader she always has the courage to be proactive by being a good model for her teammates; instead of following negative behaviors. She followed directions well and helped others to clean up or to do an assignment so that her team could earn points for synergizing. She did not just do the right thing, she tried to get her teammates to do the right thing also. We think that Aiyana is the perfect example of someone who has the courage to balance what she wants and what others want in order to have Win Win situations!-Ms. Williams and our Kindergarten class.