Student Leader of the Month

Student of the Month April's Student of the Month

Mrs. Parker’s 2nd grade class nominates Shakenna Brown as Student Leader of the Month for April’s character trait forgiveness. Shakenna displays forgiveness by excusing what others have done and said to her. She has accepted many apologies that she has never received. Shakenna lets go of the anger by still being friends with her classmates after they have done wrong to her. She states that she was taught to forgive people after they have hurt you because you have to let the memory go because if not you’ll think about getting even with the person. Shakenna chooses to forgive and move on in life. She will tell me when someone has hurt her but later says that my heart is getting better but I remember what he/she did to me and it was mean. I’ve heard her say that, “I forgive you but don’t do it again now”. After it’s over she’ll lend a helping hand and do it with a big smile on her face. She always seeks out the solution to the problem so that everyone wins! If she sees a problem arising she’ll ask the other students, “how can we all win?” Shakenna is an example of what forgiveness looks like, feels like, and sounds like.