School Improvement Council (SIC):

The What and Who of SIC~
 The School Improvement Council (SIC) is an advisory committee comprised of parents, educators and community members, which provide an opportunity for parents to voice concerns and take an active role in improving their children’s school experience.  As parents, we use a variety of skills to help our children grow, learn, and keep safe.  That's what SIC is all about!  We work together to ensure a quality education for our children!
The When of SIC~
The School Improvement Council meets monthly for approximately 1 hour and there may be some committee work which requires a meeting. Individual work beyond that varies based on the initiatives and issues identifed by our council.
The Goal of SIC~
  • Update Shanklin's 5-year plan
  • Increase Parent & CommunityParticipation and Communication
  • Increase awareness of School District Issues